• HOAU America provides Cloud-based Keyless Entry System to the hospitality industry to deliver a simple, fast and secured checkin experience for the hotel guests.
    HOAU America provides Cloud-based Keyless Entry System to the hospitality industry to deliver a simple, fast and secured checkin experience for the hotel guests.
    Delivering the most effective direct-to-your-room
    experience for the hospitality industry.


HOAU is a new kind of keyless access control and unlocking system for hotels. Guests receive their access PINs and assigned room numbers the day of arrival in a SMS and Email message on their mobile devices. To unlock the room the unique PIN is entered on a tablet touch screen on the wall next to the room's door.

Improve Guest Experience

After a long day of traveling, being able to avoid any waiting at the front desk and going directly to the room is a magical experience for guests. Providing the access PIN before arriving at the hotel, HOAU delivers a true direct-to-your-room experience to hotel guests, including a way to receive a second message when the room is ready for early check-in.

Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminating the card key to enter the room and delivering the digital credential on mobile devices, eliminates losses from lost cards. Once freed from check-in and card programming duties, front desk personnel can be dedicated to assisting guests on more productive services.

Sharing Keys

Guests can change and easily share their room access PIN with other travelers. No need to use a card key or even to have a mobile device to unlock the room. Guests can decide to grant access to other travelers to their room only for some time, and then change the access PIN directly from the tablet at the door.

No Disruptions

The HOAU system coexists with card key access control systems and its installation is incremental without disrupting ongoing operations. Installing the HOAU keyless access control systems involves adding an electric strike in the door's frame and a custom WiFi tablet on the wall outside the door.

No App Needed

No mobile app download is needed for guests to use their 5-digit PIN credentials to access the room. A very familiar 5-digit unique PIN is delivered on a personal SMS and Email message to the guest. All mobile devices and phones can be used by guests without any previous operation or download, including phones connected to international carriers.


End-to-end encryption and security is implemented in the HOAU system from the ground up and from doors to the cloud. Guests can also change their access PIN as many times as they desire, directly on the room tablet. The cloud software provides audit trails of all unlocking attempts, successful and unsuccessful, and a picture of people entering the PIN.


The HOAU system is composed of a multi-function, WiFi tablet, an interface board and the cloud back-end. It only requires retrofitting the door strike with an electric strike, and installation of the tablet on the wall outside the room.

    • Multi-function, WiFi custom tablet, with touch screen for entering the PIN and a USB electric strike interface board.
    • Access PIN received in a SMS and Email message on mobile devices
    • Commercial electric strike mounted in the door frame and wired to the tablet USB interface.
HOAU America Cloud-based Keyless Entry System


Room tablets are securely connected to the HOAU cloud infrastructure and are continuously monitored remotely. A two-way interface insure real-time communication between the cloud software and tablets in the hotel for remote PIN setting and activity tracking, including acquiring camera snapshots from the tablet when needed.

IoT Cloud

The hotel back-office personnel access the HOAU cloud software with a browser using HTTPS and proper authentication for changing settings on the fly and to monitor occupancy and lock and tablet usage. Hotel personnel can also interact with the cloud software directly from the tablets in the room with special access PINs.

End-to-End Encryption

Tablets use a dedicated IOT Cloud infrastructure, using the TLS secure protocol and unique digital certificates for authentication at the time of connection.

Central Management

The whole system is managed by the cloud software and does not require installation of any software on premise. Integration with most popular property management systems is also provided for seamless interoperability.

Multi-Function Panel

The WiFi tablet at the door uses the touch display for PIN entering and room access control. It also provides a number of other functions for guests to interact with the hotel and hotel personnel to provide room availability directly after completing service.

Management Team

HOAU America is a division of Silicon Valley startup Visible Energy, Inc.

Marco Graziano

Marco Graziano

Founder & CEO

Technologist, hi-tech serial entrepreneur, founder of four companies in Silicon Valley.

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